Sunday, 29 June 2008

The Stolen Earth

Last night's Doctor Who was a great 50 mins of tv. Fantastic! A total return to the edge of y'er seat Doctor Who excitement of old. The return of Davros and his Daleks with The Doctor and Donna gaining the help of friends old and new but the cliffhanger had to be the cruelest cliffhanger of them all! Half zapped by a extermination ray from a Dalek prowling in the shadows. Could this be the end for the tenth Doctor?

Friday, 27 June 2008


It has almost been a week since the paintballing and I still have the small but painful bruises to prove it! It was a great experience and really fun. It kinda felt like being a kid again, diving about a forest with gun and mask evading the enemy gunfire, diving for cover and chasing after flags. Reminiscent of being in a forest when you were a kid pretending you were on Endor. Fortunately there were now silly, furry creatures running about with logs and slings. The paintballs were difficult enough to cope with. Even though it may sound stupid to compare to the real life hell that is army combat you can't help but feel you get a slight taste of what it would be like in a real life situation. After suffering many hits though I've come to the conclusion it's probably a good thing I didn't join the army! My left leg was riddled with the small, circular red bruises for about two days after which they turned green and have now turned a dull brown. Slightly pricey at £40 a day excluding extra paintballs but great fun and a good laugh. Gareth took some cracking pics too which I'll hopefully stick up here or on the website. Gareth's probably to blame for most of my hits, come to think of it. He's the one in the Motherwell scarf! Git!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Busy week this week but looking forward to Paintballing on Saturday.
Never 'paintballed' before so it should be interesting... looks great fun but you do hear some horror stories. As my brother Kenny pointed out the other day you only need to look at what happened to Ant?! He was blinded by Dec!

Saturday, 14 June 2008


Finished reading Ronnie Wood's 'Ronnie' Autobiography last night. What a guy! Some of the stories in it are just great, most of the funniest involving (yes, you guessed it!) adventures with a certain 'Keef' Richards. (The story with the gun is both frightening and crazy!)The book has everything from a 'classic' rockers life, the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll (lots of drugs especially!). His obvious easy going nature in life comes across really well in his conversational way of writing making it an easily interesting, involving read.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Playing the building

The genius that is David Byrne has a new project. His latest work is a sound installation set up in the Battery Maritime Building in New York. He's basically linked up an old organ to the beams, pipes, columns and walls of the building so that whenever a specific key is hit a sound is created from the surrounding infrastructure. The building itself becomes a giant musical instrument...

You're hired

Told you he'd do it!
Lee won The Apprentice as we all hoped he would. Fantastic. His directing skills for the advert were also brilliant :-)

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Television man

The Apprentice finally tomorrow night folks! Don't miss it! 
I've got a sneaky suspicion Claire is going to win it but I'm supporting Lee as he seems the most grounded, hard working and easy going guy out of them - out of all sixteen of them! Even though he exaggerated slightly on his CV and obviously had a problem with the spellchecker, either that or he just can't spell! He was also a bit nervy on the presentation side of things but hopefully he'll get over that for the final task. Thought Raef was also very good but alas he did not make it this far. Although Claire has got this far she was the instantly dislikable one for me at the start of the series but has since apparently changed... or so she is leading everyone to believe. Don't think Helene is up to much at all - does she have ANY memorable moments from the series at all? Alex is a bit smarmy and full of himself and plays the 'I'm so young' card way too often so Lee is Sugar's best man for the job in my opinion.
Whilst I'm babbling about tv, is anyone watching the current series of Doctor Who? Or are there any followers of Lost out there? How about Heroes? I sound like a telly addict now but they are really the only programs I watch! Lost leaving a big gap on Monday nights now as its current series has just come to yet another cliffhanger ending, leaving us, the poor, desperate viewer without more answers for another year! Damn you J.J. Abrams! Damn you to hell! (If the Island is Hell that is...?)

Monday, 9 June 2008

Photo update

New photos on REIDNET.
Have now updated the photos pages with stuff from April through to present, including KA and my birthdays, our trip to Dublin and Gran's 80th birthday bash. As I didn't take a massive amount of pics on the day Uncle Tommy has contributed his pics to the album. Thanks for that Tommy!
Have also updated the gallery pages with my latest paintings.
Back to work now.
Come on Lee! That's what I'm talking about!

Monday, 2 June 2008

One Up and more Bruce

Spent Saturday night in Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow. 
There's always a good vibe in the Square and plenty of places around it to pop into. First we hit The Social for cocktails and then upstairs to the bar/club One Up. Apparently One Up is one of the places 'to be' in Glasgow but I'm afraid it was a bit of a disappointment to me. Small, overcrowded rooms full of drunk rich folk who obviously all thought they were wonderful. Don't get me wrong I'm sure there must have been a few wonderful people in there somewhere but unfortunately I didn't meet any of them, (except from the friends I was with, of course!). It was Chaz's 30th birthday night out and even though I moan about One Up we all had a great time. Ka and myself left as the bar approached its last half hour leaving Chaz propping up the bar with Steven chatting away to anyone who would talk to them!
Next day, it was Sunday lunch in the Bruce Hotel to celebrate the 80th birthday of Gran (Annie) Reid. She treated everyone to a full three course dinner. Unfortunately I didn't get any tea top-ups but that was a minor complaint as everyone had a good time as Gran did herself but probably didn't drink as much as Chaz had the night before (he was probably still recovering as we finished our dinner!).